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Effective Detox Tea

Many people who have bloating, constipation, indigestion, kidney, liver, lung issues, Candida, acid reflux symptoms and gastro-intestinal distress can see improvement when using a detox tea. Everyone gets harmful microorganisms in their body at some point in their life. These micro organisms can live anywhere in the body, including the kidney, liver and blood and they can go unnoticed. Micro organisms in the intestines can spread to the lungs, brain, kidney and other vital organs affecting the overall health. All that you need is to detoxify your body using Iaso tea.

Iaso tea from Total Life Changes is a very good detox tea that improves digestive tract health. Why are we saying this? This tea improves the health of your colon, and so bringing beneficial effects to the entire body. Our tea can reduce the burden on digestive tract and other body systems. They can be used with other detoxification diets to make you live a healthy life.

You have to trust us. Over 10 years that we have been in the market, we have been producing healthy products that work and we are sure that Iaso tea can work for you. We formulate this tea with all natural ingredients that have been proven to detoxify the body and to help in weight loss program. Just 8 ounces of this herbal remedy taken twice a day can provide you with long lasting results.

Another reason why Iaso tea is considered the best remedy for body cleansing and detoxification is that, it doesn’t leave one with harmful side effects like other types of detoxification products in the market today. Our tea has everything that you are looking for to start colon detoxification. It is formulated with proven natural ingredients that are effective and safe.

Good Detox Tea to Drink in The Morning

Iaso tea is one of the green detox tea that works. This product is an herbal supplement that our company designs to enhance to help cleanse and detoxify the upper and lower intestines. We design this detox tea with all natural organic ingredients that comprising of herbs. These herbs have been clinically tested and found to sweep clean the digestive tract.

The science behind our companyDetox Tea
We are actually a company that is well respected by many people across the world. We are based in the United States and we have conducted our business for several years. We are a multi-product company specialized in the production of health products.

Where to purchase this product from
You can purchase our green detox tea remedy directly from our official website or from other retail stores. Our prices are relatively low compared to other tea cleaners in the market today. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our tea you can return used bottles and get your refund less the shipping fee.
Usage Instructions
Iaso Tea comes with a label containing preparation and usage instruction. Always read these instructions on our green detox tea label careful before use. Take two tea bags in 8 ounces of heated water. Shake or stir well and drink the mixture quickly before the liquid thickens. You can serve it when hot or refrigerate it.

Effectiveness and safety of TLC
Iaso tea is a perfect colon cleanser and detoxifier that is effective and safe. Every customer who has purchased and used it is satisfied with its effectiveness and safety. No side effect or drug contradictions have been reported. But still we advice our readers to consult their medical care professionals before using this product.

Salicylic Acid Peel Is Your Handy Solution!

Growing older means getting ready to face the road, and the obstacles ahead. It simply means exposing yourself into environment where there is plenty of opportunity, risk and pollution. Then you better have salicylic acid peel handy.Salicylic acid peel

Being exposed to pollution brings the high risk of having pimples, blackhead and acne especially if you have oily skin. There is also a possibility to have a large pores.
Out of all the mentioned skin problems, We here at Platinum Skin Care produce a Salicylic Acid Peel which you can use at home.

AMCsquared Salicylic Acid Peel is a beta-hydroxy acid. It is one of the best acids to turn to if you are struggling with oily skin and are prone to blackheads, acne breakouts and/or have large pores, especially in the T-zone area. It is a highly effective superficial peeling agent and pore cleanser.

Acid peel is oil soluble and that means it is drawn to the oil in your skin so it will penetrate deeply into clogged pores, helping to release congestions. This process will result in a marked improvement in acne prone skin after a peeling session. A session is between six and eight peels performed on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Salicylic acid peel is a more intense acid and can cause some irritation. It is always best to start with the 3% unless you have had higher strengths in the past.

Our AMC Skin Care Specialist together with our Laboratory experts produce a salicylic acid peel which can be handy to you. It is safe and very easy to use. You can apply it to yourself as long as you can clearly follow the instructions for it has a user manual in every product packaging.

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NRG Fat Burner Pills Can Change Your Life!

Key ingredients in our products
One of the chief ingredients found in our weight loss products is capsaicin. This is an herbal substance from peppers. Studies indicate that this substance can trigger weight loss. This substance brings changes in structures of the protein thus reducing the amount of fat cells in the body. When this happens, fat burning process is accelerated. Another main ingredient in Iaso NRG is leucine. This is an amino acid whose function is to trigger insulin sensitivity in the body. When insulin is induced, fewer fats and carbohydrates are stored in the body. Our fat burning products also contain conjugated linoleic acid abbreviated as CLA. This is a form of fatty acid that helps reduce weigh much faster. Our product also contains other several ingredients such as green tea extracts, thyroid stimulators and thermogenic ingredients.

Why use our Iaso NRG supplement?

Fat BurnersUnlike other supplements that simply burn fats and calories as heat, Iaso NRG is the best natural fat burner that works to stimulate the production and release of adrenaline hormone in the body. This hormone suppresses appetite this reducing chances of feeling hungry. Will makes users consume fewer calories.
Warning and precautions

Our product is not intended for use for persons under 17 years. If you still intend to use our natural fat burner, you need to seek advice from a healthcare professional. This product is also not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers, patients who are sensitive to caffeine, heart diseases, patients with high blood pressure or those who are taking ADHD or MAO inhibitor medication. By accepting to use our product, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the suggested dosage, suggested use, warning and full understanding of provided information.


If you are looking for the best natural fat burner for your weight loss program with an option of boosting your energy, we recommend you go for this product. You don’t need a second thought. If you are still looking for more information before making up your mind, contact us today. We will be glad to give you more information that will help you with your decision making regarding the purchase of this product.